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An Empty Mind – The Way Of Illumination

I would like to share some beautiful words that arrived in my mailbox today, written by my own Coach and Founder of Transformative Coach Institute, Joshua Elijah Benavides. I hope they inspire you just as much as they inspired me:     ‘In life, you can either learn through suffering and pain or through love […]

The Three Principles by Sydney Banks – the missing link in the psychology of parenting

A while ago I was scrolling in my Facebook newsfeed, as I sometimes do when I feel a little bored. I was glazing over most content that passed by, not even really looking. Until my attention was caught by a video by Nicola Bird. It was about parenting. And thanks to this short video, I would […]

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About Luna

Hello and welcome! I’m Luna Surya Joy and I call myself a Soul Coach. I’m thrilled you’ve found me here at Soul Space. Soul Space is a space where we are connected to a deeper wisdom and become a conduit for insight and revelation. From this space, time slows down, our mind gets quiet, our […]

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