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Hello and welcome! I’m Luna Surya Joy and I call myself a Soul Coach.

I’m thrilled you’ve found me here at Soul Space.

Soul Space is a space where we are connected to a deeper wisdom and become a conduit for insight and revelation. From this space, time slows down, our mind gets quiet, our heart opens up, and we find ourselves in a zone where intuitive knowledge and inner genius can move freely through us.

This space is also known as Consciousness or Awareness.

On this site I’m sharing with you snippets of my personal journey into my Soul Space and towards lasting mental health and wellbeing.

First of all it was Yoga, Dance, Mindfulness and Nutrition that helped me immensely on my way back to health and well-being. And they keep me on track for sure.

However, the missing link I found in the deep understanding of the spiritual principles of the Inside Out Understanding of life, revealed by Sydney Banks in the seventies. This simple yet profound understanding about the true nature of thought and the human experience and about who we truly are as humans, meant an inside-out revolution and transformation for me. In no time!

This deep understanding uncovers that deeper peace of mind, innate health and wisdom, love and joy, over and over again. No matter what happened in the past, no matter what shows up in the present moment experience, no matter how disturbed and messy life can get and no matter how big the storm coming my way.

It has liberated and disentangled and freed me from the web of thoughts in my own mind.


My Story In A Nutshell

Hi, I’m Luna, 45 yrs old, I was born in Perth, West-Australia, grew up in Holland, and now live in East Sussex, UK with my husband and daughter.

I suffered PVS/ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for several years in my teens. I could not walk the stairs, studying was a big challenge and going out to do fun stuff with my friends was just not on. I was only 19 and I had no idea why I was feeling this way. The doctors had no answers. I did manage to keep working and earning a living through my twenties but I was struggling physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Luckily life gave me breaks from this every once and while. During those times I felt highly inspired to work like a maniac just to catch up with life. In those gaps I enjoyed having energy and I did all sorts of crazy and amazing projects. Unfortunately I kept falling back into that heavy and debilitating fatigue and old health issues would reappear.

The only thing that seemed to be able to lift me out of this was dancing. So I danced, as often as I could. It gave me relief,  joy, friendship and my husband! (thanks to dancing I met him!) Gradually, I also managed to create my own unique rhythm and way of life and work that enabled me to stay on track with my health and to feel relatively balanced and in control.

I was coping really well!

Then I became a parent and although being blissfully grateful for this, it became my biggest challenge ever. I hadn’t expected this. Suddenly it was not about my own rhythm and way of life anymore. Broken nights for the first 4 years left me feeling out of control and soon I again experienced long periods of intense fatigue and old health issues knocked on my door again.

It was only in my late thirties that I discovered the powerful tools of Yoga, Mindfulness and Energy Work. Together with changing my diet drastically, those practices helped me restore and raise my energy levels and improve my overall health and well-being hugely. With my newly found energy and health, I created my first business, Young Yogis® Academy.

I felt passionate about working with children and young people and giving them tools for a healthy and resilient life through teaching them the life skills that come with yoga, mindfulness and relaxation in a playful and age appropriate way.


How understanding the Three Principles and experiencing the Soul Space within ended my searching

I have tried and tested umpteen therapies and healing techniques in my life, things of which I hoped they would or even should heal and fix me. They helped me in many ways, gave me relief but they didn’t get to the core and my heart of hearts.

I would love to share how my understanding and experience of the the three spiritual principles and our true nature has ended all the feverish searching for healing and my (addictive) spiritual shopping.
And how the experience of this understanding is having a beautiful and deep impact on every area in my life.
From my parenting and marriage to my relationship with family, friends and not the least with myself and life.

Life is always happening and ever changing, with its ups and downs. That will never change. It’s just that I am seeing life in a different way and from a very different space. It’s the space within, I call it Soul Space. It is the space where we all experience infinite love, peace, creative power and magic!


Living from the space within

I wish to inspire you to live from the vast space within, the space of consciousness. I call this our Soul Space. I wish to give you hope for experiencing lasting mental health and well-being in your life, by writing about my own journey and pointing you to ‘must read’ books, helpful courses or trainings, recourses or products that may be of help for you on your way to reconnecting with your innate health and well-being.

If you’re curious to find out more about how living from Soul Space and the simple understanding of the three spiritual principles can impact every aspect of your life – from work, relationships, parenting, habits, addictions and everything else in between then please stick around, browse my site and drop me a line.

As a Soul Coach, I offer a safe, totally confidential and non-judgmental space for transformative conversations to take place and I’d love to talk with you!



Big Love & Blessings,

Luna Surya Joy

Founder of Young Yogis® Academy | Creator of Yogadance® Kids Method | (Kids) Yoga Instructor | Biodanza/Vitaldanza Facilitator | Waldorf Primary School Teacher | Teacher Trainer | Profound Well-being Practitioner  | Soul Coach | Cat and Ice cream lover | Dutch | Traveling House sitter


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